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There are a number of different products available for people who develop bladder problems. While these overactive bladder products may be labeled as diapers, they couldn't be farther from the bulky and unsightly diapers that babies wear. In an effort to keep your privacy and your urge incontinence care as discreet as possible, the engineers at Top Dragon have developed a form of adult diaper that virtually disappears when you put them on. These specially designed products help to control many of the symptoms of a weak bladder, including absorbing leaky bladder instances and helping to keep your dry and comfortable.

It is important to consider the level of your bladder problems before purchasing adult diapers. A doctor can administer an OAB test to help determine how severe your loss of bladder control is. One thing to keep in mind is that buying a higher level of absorbency cannot hurt you, but buying too low of a level of absorbency may invalidate the ability of the protection to keep you dry. If you are seeking further help beyond Top Dragon, consider talking to your doctor about overactive bladder medications and how you can cure your overactive bladder.