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Welcome to our Terra Energy Solutions (TES) Overview

Terra Energy Solutions, LLC (“Terra”), an early-stage environmental engineering, manufacturing and technology firm has commercialized a state-of-the-art, cutting edge, 21st century, sustainable, carbon neutral, renewable energy platform that transforms municipal, industrial and agricultural wastes into solid, liquid and gas-based energy components and clean renewable electricity while contributing to the restoration of the land, sea and air.

Terra, was launched in 2010 to combat the catastrophic effects that current waste management practices and fossil fuel dependencies are having on the environment, health and economy.

The company has completed initial market sensing, business-modeling, product requirement definition, research and development activities, and development of an extensive customer base worldwide for deployment of its waste-to-energy (W2E) technology and the qualification of over $1 billion in revenue opportunities.


To offer an innovative and disruptive W2E solution that transforms enormous biomass and solid waste into valuable green and clean renewable electricity.


To be a leading turn-key provider of next generation, state-of-the-art, superior, cost-effective, environment-friendly and disruptive waste transformation solutions.


Terra accepts the fact that waste generation is a reality. In doing so, we Reposition (change the perspective of the way we look at waste), Transform the waste into valuable products, Recover all the latent carbon and energy values in the “wastes” and Restore our environment – land, sea and air.

Terra Energy Solutions’ (aka “Terra”) objective is to provide affordable Waste-to-Energy (W2E) solutions to the world through an innovative and disruptive, state-of-the-art W2E gasification technology. From moderate to super-large scale capacity, Terra provides the infrastructure, a full turnkey experience and a unique business model that results in a formula for success.

Enormous Waste + Energy Problems Create Opportunity for Innovative Integrated Solutions

Enormous “Waste and Environmental” Challenges

  • Enormous biomass/waste problems
  • Increasing Population
  • Increasing Urbanization
  • Improving “standards of living”
  • Landfill Issues
  • Landfill closure issues
  • Green house gas emissions
  • Significant health and human problems

Enormous “Energy” Challenges

  • Dependence on fossil fuels
  • Increasing dependence on foreign oil imports
  • Insatiable need for ever increasing ‘electricity” and power
  • Improving energy security
  • Global climate change mitigation
  • Aging central power plants
  • Untapped renewable energy resources


Worldwide Abundant Waste Streams -Energy & Carbon Rich Resources