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We work closely with our client partners to understand strategic goals and challenges and channelize.
Welcome to our Takashi Service You Can Rely On
Founded in 2005 Takashi is a leading global consulting and IT services company that offers a wide array of solutions starting from the strategy consulting right through to implementing IT solutions to Fortune 1000 Clients. Automating these workflows eliminates errors and frees up key personnel within your organization to focus on furthering your mission.

TAKASHI Consulting is a systems integrator. We write applications and interfaces that make your staff more productive by automating manual, complex or cumbersome processes in your organization.


Takashi serves as an adviser to help you select solutions by understanding the benefits, investments, risks and resources required to successfully implement or optimize existing systems.


Takashi’s highly trained technology consultants serve as your experts to help complete important technology projects and to provide escalation assistance across a broad range .

Managed Services

Takashi serves as your IT department for mid-market companies by providing Managed Services, or assists larger enterprise organizations by taking over responsibility through a functional outsource.

Staffing solutions

Takashi’s team of over 25 experienced and highly networked IT recruiters utilize a proven proprietary model to deliver qualified IT professionals to our clients based on their needs and specific .