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Starrs Gazette is a premium online discount coupon exchange. Starrs Gazette specializes in e-mail marketing campaigns that e-mails out some 300,000 e-mails a month. We have a database that is unequaled in its ability to target different markets. Starrs Gazette is sometimes referred to as the handyman for households on the Internet. We advertise for all skilled and professional people that want their business to get exposure on the Internet

Starrs Gazette caters to the people that are looking for a one-time solution or in some occasions recurring services. We advertise entrepreneurs and small businesses that are looking to satisfy customer needs. Many of our advertising clients are: Air-conditioning repair and installation, Appliance repair (All-Brands), Auto repair and body work, Computer repair, Laptops and TV repair, General Contractors, Electrical installation and repair, Beauty supplies and accessories, Heating installation and repair, Landscaping, Moving and storage, Plumbing, Restaurants, and Custom Upholstery that is waiting to get a call from you.

Joining gives you firsthand knowledge of who in the neighborhood can take care of any issue that you might have. Just go to, look at what we are offering and click the contact us tab and fill out the information which only requires your name your e-mail address and of course if you have any feedback or any questions you can fill it in the message box. That’s all that is required no other information needed. One click thats it!