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Soundz AVL provides Audio, Video, and Lighting for events. From concerts to corporate productions, award banquets to fashion shows, political rallies and dedications, religious retreats, lectures and meetings, to dance challenge competitions we can provide you with what you need. Since 1971 we have adapted to the latest trends in technology in our diversified field. We are proud of our world class speaker and amplification systems along with our recent video accessory enhancements. The goal of our staff is to make your event absolutely the best that it could be. Our latest lighting acquisitions have been in the LED technology field utilizing fixtures that are computer controlled for any combination of RGB (red-green-blue). As a result we use less power, create less heat, keep our planet a better place to live and STILL create a dynamic effect.

We have traveled coast to coast producing these events and provided services to Fortune 500 companies. Almost all of our clients become repeat customers because they realize how critical a working relationship is with a “partner”. We do not oversell our business. We do not overstaff your event. We are extremely fair with our pricing and very focused on your budget. Since the beginning we have been a family owned and operated entity specializing on your needs and desires to make your production a success.
We are a “One-Stop-Shop” with the expertise of many talented technicians. From our experience we can simplify your production, cut costs on redundant labor and take the technical fear out of your mind. We strive to be accessible 24/7 on our cell phones. We look forward to bidding on your next event.

Siamanto “C” Etian
President and CEO
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Our Specialty is Transforming Environments with light and Sound, turning ordinary rooms and tents into Fantastic Event Spaces Along with Gear rental.
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