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Holly Davidson


Holly shares some of her truly inspiring exercise plans to get you fit and feeling energised. She will help you get your body in shape with her cardio and strength building exercises

Sadie Frost


Sadie focuses on yoga and meditation. Her exceptional personal experiences with meditation and yoga enable her to share her tips on how both can help improve your life.

Amber Rose


Amber shares her amazingly nourishing recipes. She has travelled the world cooking in cafes and restaurants honing her skills to prove eating healthy doesn't have to be boring.

Welcome to Soul Body Connection

The field of quantum physics has shown that matter in its most basic form is energy. Therefore, the body is of an electromagnetic nature, composed of energy, and affected by the energy fields that surround us. Energy healing treats the mind, body and spirit as interconnected, and thus a change in one level causes a change in the other two levels.

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Yoga, Meditation & Breathing by Sadie Frost

♦ Yoga Benefits
♦ Meditation
♦ Breathe Properly

Holly Davidson's Fitness Tips

♦ Cardio
♦ Workouts
♦ Physical Fitness

Energy Medicine

Reach a balanced state of being by tuning into the emotional, physiological and spiritual parts of your inner self and removing any blockages that are interfering,..

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Also known as Cranial Osteopathy, CST is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on technique, developed by an American osteopathic physician almost 100 years ago and is growing in popularity.

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Past Life Regression

Whether it is past trauma, emotional patterns, or an intense curiosity about why you are the way you are. Past life regression attempts to tap into the past in order to move forward.

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Who are we?

With close to a decade of experience, let me introduce myself. I am an advertising professional who chose the path of Yoga to de-stress, recharge and rejuvenate myself. My enthusiasm and commitment turned into a passion and I rose level by level into becoming an instructor. In the course of becoming a certified Yoga Instructor, one of the leading centers of Yoga.

In the year 2000 I enrolled for one month at the world recognized Jois Institute of Soul Body Connection, where Yoga enthusiasts from various corners of the world converge to learn Soul Body Connection Yoga also popular by the name Power Yoga. This course helped me raise the bar further in my teaching Yoga.


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