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This site is all about Lord Shiva and completely dedicated to the Lord almighty. Because of him we all are here and doing good things. Those who adobe to Lord shiva will get everything in life and never face any obstacles. Shiva bhakti is the most wonderful thing and those who earn shiva bhakti with the kindness of Lord Shiva are luckiest people in this world. No one can define the kindness, powers, and greatness of Lord Shiva.
“Karpur gauram karunaa avataaram, Sansaar saaram bhujgendra haaram Sadaa vasantam hridayaarvinde, Bhavam Bhavaani sahitam namaami“
“Twamev maata cha pitta twamev, Twamev bandhu cha sakha twamev
Twameva vidyya dravinam twamev, Twameva sarvam mum dev dev”

Meaning of above manthra
You are my father and you are my mother, you are my friend and you are my brother. You are all my knowledge and power (wealth) and you are God of Gods and you are everything to me.
Mahakavi Kalidas
Mahakavi Kalidas
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