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Jail Visits upon request

For legal assistance with an unjust traffic ticket, give our experienced lawyer a call

Call on the experienced lawyer who will fight for your rights in court. Call RH LAW at 818-947-1919
Welcome to RH LAW
RH LAW provides legal services to the Fort Pierce,
Covering a number of practice areas, we provide effective legal counsel at affordable rates. The presence of an attorney is always beneficial, so if you've been offered a settlement, give our office a call. We'll help you determine if legal precedent says the offer you've been given is fair.
RH LAW Provides Legal Representation For:
  • Criminal Law - including felonies, misdemeanors, DUIs and more
  • Traffic Court - come to us to contest speeding tickets, traffic tickets, proof of insurance cases and more
  • Domestic Violence - if you have been charged with domestic battery or any other domestic violence, call us to get fair legal representation
A veteran of the Van Nuys, California, RH LAW knows what it means to serve the public good. If you want someone who will be on your side when it feels like no one else will, call our legal offices today.

Contact the Law Office of RH LAW today at 818-947-1919 for your free consultation.
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