Welcome to On time Sale
On time Sale is pleased to announce professional Auction Web Site services. Private auctions, corporate auctions, and corporate business listings will put your company on the map. On line auction software enables you to conduct auctions on the internet easily, securely, and as often as you need to. This is a complete solution for creating online auctions with listings, catalogs, and pictures.......... It is possible to buy almost anything over the internet these days. Unfortunately, scammers can use the anonymous nature of the internet to rip off unsuspecting shoppers.
Online Bidding
  1. Online bidding or pre-bid catalog view
  2. Staggered ending available (timed auctions)
  3. Auto-extending bid closing
  4. Email notifications to outbid bidders
  5. Feature lets the system bid for the bidder up to their max
  6. Combination bidding available (multi-parcel)
  7. Grouping available – Yes you can have multiple items close as a group in a timed auction
  8. Complete online invoicing and auction reconciliation (payment processing)