Welcome to New Life Acupuncture clinic
The face of medicine is changing, driven largely by patients and their desire for true health. In healing, it is becoming less acceptable to compartmentalize and mask symptoms, so finding the root cause of disease is now the goal of both patients and health care providers. Acupuncture works by this very model, correcting the problem from the inside out and creating lasting health naturally. Triangle Acupuncture Clinic helps patients find health and balance using the ancient art and science of Chinese Medicine.
Because acupuncture is great at:
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Relieving pain
  • Increasing circulation to promote healing
  • Regulating hormones
  • Reducing the damaging effects of stress
  • and much more.
Meet the Team
New Life Acupuncture clinic is dedicated to providing excellent healthcare to the New Life Acupuncture clinic community. Each practitioner in our clinic has an undergraduate degree and then attended a four-year graduate school program in Traditional Chinese medicine.