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We are a company created by college students for college students with the sole purpose of helping you get your hard earned money back in your pocket where it belongs.
We have been in the tax preparation industry for over 4 years and have been helping individuals all over the nation get their maximum tax refund and now we offer services specifically tailored towards college students and their unique finances.

Financial Advisor
If you have a financial advisor, or are interested in working with one, we offer the CollegeAdvantage Advisor 529 Savings Plan through My CollegeTaxes. This plan offers the same 529 tax-savings benefits, but has different investment options and fund managers than the Direct Plan.
Do-It Yourself Direct Plan
The College Advantage Direct 529 Savings Plan offers lower-fee, quality investment options you select and manage, including easy-to-manage, age-based options. Direct investments are managed by Vanguard, Fifth Third Bank, PIMCO, and GE Asset Management.