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Welcome to Our : - Meds Plus Pharmacy
Meds Plus Pharmacy on Commercial Drive in Vancouver reflects the close-knit ambiance of the surrounding neighbourhood. Owner Meds Plus Manweiler's store is a place to drop in for friendly, one-on-one health or prescription advice, a place to peruse wellness books or simply enjoy the soft music playing in the background while purchasing cosmetics, stationery, or other personal items.
Meds Plus regards his pharmacy as a long-standing dream come true. “I spent years working for big-chain pharmacies and always wanted a business of my own that would become an integral part of the community,” he says. “Everything in my store, from the décor to our service, makes people feel comfortable – and this dovetails perfectly with Commercial Drive's reputation as a small town within Vancouver.”
Meet Our Staff
Ed Henriquez
15 Years of Service
Jacquie Smith
Post Office Manager
13 Years of Service
Mary Ann Clazie
Registered Pharmacy Technician
Pharmacy - 8 Years of Service