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Indication of Foundation failure

  • The doors of the house have misaligned
  • Windows that have either stuck to the frame or cannot be closed properly
  • Cracks on both interior and exterior walls
  • Unleveled floors and roof
  • Cracks on concrete slabs and foundation stem walls
  • Separation of front porch to the house
  • Cracks alongside staircases

Before selecting a contractor please consider these factors:

  • Is the contractor licensed?
  • Is the Contractor experienced in foundation problems?
  • Is the Contractor bonded or insured?
  • Does the Contractor provide the proper City Permits for the job?
  • Does the Contractor provide you with a detailed estimate and scope of work?
  • Are you provided with a list of references regarding past clients?
  • Has the Contractor addressed your main concern about your foundation problem?
  • Is the contractor courteous and pleasing?
  • Does the recommendation of the contractor make sense to you?

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