Welcome to Kings Supermarket
For over thirty years, The Kings Supermarket has brought you the freshest, most delicious quality products from around the corner and around the globe. What started in Greensboro, North Carolina as a dream has grown into a refreshing reality with over 100 stores in over 20 states across the nation. Each one a part of the local community. Each one dedicated to providing the freshest and best local ingredients
.Back in 1982, our founders decided to open a store that was different from the giant industrialized grocery stores of the time. They wanted to open a smaller store that focused on the customer and the shopping experience. They wanted to create an open-air market with old-world charm, stocked with fresh meats, seafood, fruits, and vegetables. They wanted the store to be “a fresh concept in grocery shopping.” Bringing the European style market stateside was just the beginning. Step inside The Kings Supermarket and you’ll notice a rustic feel complimented by old-world charm, warm lighting and classical music that provide an inviting atmosphere.
Meat Pack # 1
5 LBS Ground Beef, 3 LBS BBQ Steak, 3 LBS pork chops ..,
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Meat Pack # 2
5 LBS Ground Beef, 3 LBS BBQ Steak, 3 LBS Pork Roast ..,
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Meat Pack # 3
5 LBS Ground Beef, 4 LBS BBQ Steak, 4 LBS Pork Chops ..,
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