Welcome to Our King House Dental Group

Are you one of the millions who get very anxious at that thought of a dentist coming near you with a drill? Does the phrase 'root canal' cause you to go into panic mode? We offer the option of safe sedation dentistry. Imagine being able to undergo oral surgery or a complicated procedure while sedated and then waking up with no recollection of the time, the pain (or discomfort), or of the noise of the drill.

King House Dental Group Safe?

King House Dental Group is a safe and comfortable way for you to avoid the anxiety often felt when having complex procedures one. We are closely monitored to ensure we follow regulations set forth by our governing body, the American Dental Association.

Choices in King House Dental Group Level
Moderate/Deep sedation is used for patients who need more complex procedures, and also may involve longer time-frames as well. If you suffer from a moderate to extreme level of anxiety, sedatives are given in pill form. Oral conscious sedation will allow you to be awake and able to respond to commands, but be deeply relaxed and have no recollection of the procedure once you awake. Be sure to bring someone to drive you home and stay with you until King House Dental wears off.

Your comfort is extremely important to us. Dr. Steve Tatevossian and his team are very proud to welcome you to a calm, luxurious environment in which we will treat all of your cosmetic, preventive, and general dentistry needs


We offer Kansas City the finest in cosmetic dentistry to help our patients enjoy their best possible smile.


Boost your confidence with cosmetic porcelain veneers. See dramatic results in just one or two visits!


Restore your smile and a better sense of health with dental implants from Dr. John or Dr. Philip Gordon.


Enhance your smile shades whiter with our advanced teeth whitening treatment system in just one visit!


Let us help you design, reconstruct, and restore the beauty of your smile with the artistic side of dentistry.


If you dream of straighter teeth, but not metal braces, visit Gordon Dental to discuss clear teeth aligners.


Let Gordon dental provides you with high-quality preventive and general dentistry.


Steve Dental offers snore guards to help you get the sleep you need to feel rested and protect your health.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Steve Tatevossian opened his practice in Redlands with the vision of treating the whole family's dental needs. Graduating from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in 1996, he uses his extensive experience in the art and science of dentistry to provide patients with the highest quality of care.
Often referred to as “Dr. T” by his dental practice, Dr. Tatevossian specializes in traditional family dentistry and state-of-the-art cosmetic dental treatments. With a reassuring and calming presence, Dr. Tatevossian’s methods are quick and effective leaving you with a new appreciation for dentists.

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