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We bundle our Wedding Videography Packages based on past demand, but We are always willing to custom tailor the package of your personal tastes. Call us discuss your preferences, and special requests. We shoot all weddings with professional 3-chip broadcast digital video Production cameras and a combination of wired and wireless microphones to capture high quality audio and video at redundant backup. We always Carry redundant backup equipment So that we are never unlnerable.

  1. Cameramen arrival and setup time ------ Estimated end time
  2. Location where bridre will prepare
  3. Location of formal Video
  4. Up to six(6) hours of wedding day video covrerage by one cameramen.
  5. AII video will be in mov format.
    The six(6) hours may be divided by you between any time at the wedding or at the recption.
  6. 10 DVD's set Will be created from the files

If canceled befor,90 days before the wedding. 30 days cancelation before the wedding deposite is nonrefundable Please make a checks payable to: Jean Pherry Hilaire JPH Productions and we accept paypal at: jphrecordingstudio©