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Bro. has stepped towards divinity and preaching, at his early age of 12, soon he was blessed with the immense power of learning how to recognize God’s voice and also know God’s will in his life and even ministry. His immense knowledge is the secret of his success and strong foundation of his ministry over years.

” I WILL GIVE YOU A VERY BIG CHURCH “ is the statement that Satish Kumar has heard in his heart, in the ultimate God’s voice. That was hard to imagine how will it be coming into the reality and even more harder for Satish Kumar to take responsibility all alone. so he shared this news with his fellow mates and Prayed to give him strength, strong purpose and proper plan to fulfill God’s dream in his life. Initially it was hard to imagine but Bro. with his courage and support of his brothers and along and with blessings of the God this vision became reality.

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