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Welcome to International Education Counseling Services !
Established in 2015, based in San Diego, California, IECS operate with total efficient and well- experienced Advising Team and maintain ethical practices and integrities in all levels of execution.

IECS is an authorized representative of several accredited American, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and UK Universities and Colleges. Dedicated to specializing only in the U.S. higher education for students around the world, we have proven that ours is one of the most successful agencies in region.

We have always maintained a commitment to placing the well- qualified International students into the best possible 'right fit' schools in the USA. We always aspire to match students with the institutions that best suit them academically and financially as well as socially.

Moreover, we fervently believe in the notion that discovering the appropriate fit is essential for a rewarding educational experience. Advising on U.S. study is not limited just to sending of application to the universities. It is a critical process associated with a host of queries, issues and formalities that are to be investigated, completed and followed through.

Students have myriads of choices over the schools- public or private, large or small, intellectually intense or more socially and athletically oriented.

IECS main goal is to make the students dream come and true and making sure that they can get admissions and to pursue his/her degree.

IECS team has been surprisingly successful when it comes to offering authentic information on American Education to International Students around the world with diverse backgrounds, abilities and interests. Student needs and wants are always the considered first.

Mission statement
To provide the best college or University, in a short time to all those international students seeking to pursue his/her degree oversea based on his/her financial budget

Vision statement
The vision of the IECS is to the one of the best education advising counsel in the region


  • Excellent services
  • Value to student inquiry
  • Dedication & Innovation
  • Timely corresponds
  • Honest and Integrity service