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Wel Come to our Indian Bowin Palace
The Indian Bowin Palace is a new facility started and managed by Aaron Bollenddual, a local resident of Portland, Oregon for over 35 years who was raised in India, which seeks to promote multicultural ideas, interaction, dialog, and education for the community members of Portland while providing a hospitable, spacious environment and authentic Indian refreshments. The local community will be thrilled and compelled by the introduction of the Indian Bowin Palace. We are a non-religious based community that interacts with all nationalities about the recent freedoms and contributions of India as a newly formed People’s Republic and democracy. Since India’s independence on August 15, 1947 from 600 years of British rule, this wonderful nation has seen peaceful, rapid, and inspiring advancements in global contributions to medicine, technology, and aerospace innovations due to widespread availability of modern, quality education for their people. While India is an ancient civilization with a rich heritage and culture that speaks 14 different languages, the country has just begun to see major advancements synonymous to large nations, such as China and the United States. This positive change has developed quickly over the last 65 years because of the adoption of the Constitution of India on January 26, 1950 which grants independence from British Commonwealth by an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the Indian Bowin Palace holds events at the facility to show the public of the national pride attributed with Independence Day and Republic Day. In addition, the palace is open to the public for Indian festivals and American national events. Traditional Indian snacks and refreshments are offered free of charge to visiting community guests during gatherings. The speakers, educators, and staff at the Indian Bowin Palace look forward to bringing understanding of cherished Indian principals of education, pride, freedom, and community to the peoples of Portland, Oregon throughout the coming years.