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The Indian American Business Association, New York, is a non-profit organization dedicated toward advancing relationships between the businesses of India and the United States. This association is to work as a catalyst in providing a host of opportunities for skills, investments and technology transfer among businesses between the two democratic nations, India and the United States, through a series of programming, events, and information sharing programs and activities. This association is also to avail a platform for businesses of two nations for further exploration of the possibilities of strengthening business ties of both nations through networking, collaboration, and cooperation at various levels.
Top 5 Richest People In America
Top 5 Richest People In India
No. 1 Bill Gates
No. 1 Mukesh Ambani
No. 2 Warren Buffett
No. 2 Lakshmi Mittal
No. 3 Larry Ellison
No. 3 Azim Premji
No. 4 Christy Walton & Family
No. 4 Shashi And Ravi Ruia
No. 5 Charles Koch (Tie)
No. 5 Savitri Jindal