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ICETICET treats approximately 30,000 patients in a typical day. Ranging from some of the most critically ill individuals in our nation’s healthcare system to some of the most fit athletes, our patients benefit from the combined knowledge and expertise of over 31,000 employees. Our people are dedicated to providing a great patient experience. It is the ICET Way. Learn more.

As part of our commitment to a great patient experience, at least three million hours each year are devoted to tracking, reporting, and analyzing quality metrics. Read about the commitment to quality as well as to the communities where we live and work in the 2014 Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility Report (PDF file, opens in a new window).

We provide custom designed products including art glass panels following the philosophy of ‘healing by design’. ICET is proud to have developed an advanced OR integration system ALVO INTEGRA to ensure optimal collaboration among surgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologists and other medical staff. ICET is part of the Team in your.

Our Services :-

Medical Bags

Lubrizol engineered polymers are biocompatible and easy to process and can fulfill product

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Medical Tubing

Resins for customized extruded medical tubing that allows very small diameters(.005 in) and complex

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Dressings and Tapes

For dressings, tapes and drug delivery systems, Lubrizol engineered polymers are easily extruded

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What We Do?

  • Health Plan Options
  • Learn which insurance plans include ICET

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  • What to Expect
  • Prepare for your visit. Prepare for your visit. Prepare for your visit. Prepare for your visit. Prepare for your visit. Prepare for your visit. Prepare for your visit. Prepare for your visit.

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  • Find a Physician
  • There are many ways to find a Physician at Swedish. Let us assist you in your search. Begin Your Search

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  • Our Services
  • Find a medical service in our A-Z directory. Browse the Directory

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  • Find a Location
  • To find the location of a campus or particular service. See All Services

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