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Our private investigators provide a comprehensive investigative service for the legal profession, commerce, industry and the general public in all areas of civil, criminal and personal matters. Our expert team of private detectives can help with any investigation you wish us to undertake. Our agents are located throughout the UK and our network of overseas representatives enables us to carry out investigations worldwide. We operate a fully discreet, professional service, and work closely with each of our clients to gain a full understanding of their needs and of course, complete confidentiality comes as standard. The client’s interests are always paramount; they are never forgotten or compromised. Our staff, agents and representatives are true professionals who, through patient enquiry, keen observation and careful, accurate examination, obtain information legitimately requested for the use and benefit of our many clients throughout the UK, Europe and indeed around the world. If you feel that the services of a Professional Private Investigation Organisation could help solve your problem, why not give us a call now? You will find us understanding, helpful and of course totally discreet – and there is no obligation to proceed further! Read More
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Cyber Investigations
Cases of anonymous letter for defaming someone, character assassination, employees...
personal Investigations
Getting Married to someone is a lifelong commitement, and arguably among the most ...
Corporate Investigations
DDA offers the services of background investigation not only to established business...
Special Investigations
To help guide you through the
rane of services we can offer you, here are...
Forensic Services
DDA is the largest forensic
organization in private sector, equipped with library...
Political Investigations
Political figures and senior
technocrats round the globe have lost their seats...