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Health Life Of USA Premier Service Provider of OTC,Supplements, Vitamins, Nutraceuticals and Specialty Pharmaceuticals.

Health Life Of USA is one of the nation’s leading Service Provider OTC,Supplements, Vitamins, Nutraceuticals and Specialty Pharmaceuticals companies in the USA. Our management team has a long history of experience working in the discount vitamins and custom supplement manufacturing industry. As established OTC, vitamin and nutritional supplement Services Provider, we always get you the best pricing on wholesale supplements and vitamins. We supply vitamin and supplement distributors, retail stores and other top supplement companies throughout the USA. Our private label nutraceuticals, vitamins and supplements manufacturing services are the best in the USA. Here at Health Life Of USA, we appreciate both the purpose and the need for government inspections, safety procedures and strict quality control to ensure that the vitamins and custom supplements we sevices are meeting the most stringent guidelines and requirements.

As such, we are fully FDA and cGMP compliant. We make sure that when you order any of our vitamins and supplements that you get exactly what you ordered and that the ingredients match what is listed on our labels. Of course, we also use the highest quality ingredients possible for all of our nutritional health products. Health Life of USA can provide you with many stock formulations that have a proven track record of success. We can also provide any type of custom vitamin and supplement formulations you may need. Nearly all of our vitamin and bulk supplements formulations are available in common industry forms including wholesale caplets, capsules, gel caps, liquids, pills, protein powders and tablets.

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Specialty Pharmaceuticals Service
Health Life Of USA is your premium source for OTC, vitamins, supplements and nutraceuticals. We can produce any type of capsule, gel cap, liquid, pill, powder or tablet that you need. We also manufacture specialty supplements, including gluten-free, herbal, natural, organic and non-GMO supplements. Our supplements cover a wide array of categories such as mind and body, energy and stress, sports and fitness, weight loss, whole foods and more. Of course, we carry supplements for men, women, children and even pets.
Download complete product list and request a quote for OTC, Vitamins and nutritional health supplements.

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We also know how important it is to provide you with up to date information on product list. That’s why we specialize in keeping track of all the details, so give us a call or request a quick quote.
Feature Products
We stock all types of OTC, vitamins, supplements and nutraceuticals in all common forms, including capsules, gel caps, pills, powders, liquids and tablets.

Vitamins and nutritional health supplements have become a part of the American way over the past 20-30 years.

If you require a custom or specialty type of vitamin or health supplement, please don’t hesitate to let us know.
FDA, cGMP Compliance and Certification
FDA, cGMP Compliance and Certification. Health Life Of USA facilities are all FDA and cGMP compliant and certified. We meet or exceed all government guidelines and regulations, making sure that our customers get the highest quality OTC, vitamins, supplements and nutraceuticals that we can offer.
Low Cost Shipping & Logistics
There are many factors that go into running a successful OTC, vitamin and supplement business. One often over looked area and expense is shipping and logistics. With over 25 years in the business, our experienced shipping department has negotiated some of the lowest shipping rates possible and we pass those savings directly on to our customers. In addition, our staff provides logistics services to make sure your orders get delivered where they need to be and on time.
Superior Customer Service
Health Life Of USA empowers customers by providing the broadest suite of products and services and deepest range of experience in healthcare. We bring together industry-leading Service Provider of OTC,Supplements, Vitamins, Nutraceuticals, Specialty Pharmaceuticals and consulting services to reduce costs and improve the quality for you.

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