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Resource Development: Board & Staff Roles & Responsibilities Portland
Nonprofit Board Network.
Apr 8 2015
How to Build a Trans-Inclusive Work Environment
Apr 9
Equity and Inclusion Leaders Network Visual Storytelling: The Complete Infographic Toolkit for Nonprofits (Webinar Series)
Apr 14
Welcome to our Global Bridge Organization
Our mission is to build sustainable communities thru promoting and funding scientific research and development in the areas of education, economics, renewable energy, environment and other aspects of sustainable living.
Our goal is to fund programs that aid in the development of sustainable communities locally and globally.
Sustainable community initiatives have emerged in neighborhoods, cities, counties, metropolitan planning districts, and watershed districts at different scales pertaining to community needs. These initiatives are driven by various actor groups that have different methods of effectively planning out ways to create sustainable communities. Most often they are implemented by governments and non-profit organizations, but they also involve community members, academics, and create partnerships and coalitions.Readmore...

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