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We are a Shipping Container Depot Outlet for New and Used ISO Shipping Containers, Chassis, Flat Racks, Mini Self Storage Units, and Modular Container Houses. We Offer Sales, Rentals,  Repairs, Modifications, Transport Services, Marine Surveys
To Provide economical storage and shipping container services. To promote recycling and re-use of shipping containers for houses, temporary housing, safe and secure storage. Offer quality modification services to shipping lines, government and others.
Company Overview
As shipping container depot outlet for new and used iso shipping containers, intermodal equipment, storage units, sheds, modular container houses, emergency housing, modifications & transport services in Florida and the US in 28 Cities.
Shipping containers are mainly used to send equipment or personal effects abroad by container ship. They are very shockproof and resistant to bad weather. They have all the mandatory conditions to be able to be shipped or move outside the territory (CSC standards, approval).
Ideal for refrigeration and freezing. It's a reliable refrigerated storage, with a low energy consumption. They come with adjustable temperatures ranged from -40C to +30C.
Mobile and economic,
this is the perfect container for secure storage of equipment on construction sites or for storing in a park of self storage.
A long lifetime due
to its manufacturing quality.
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