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About FC 92 Club

As specialists in early childhood education and teacher training, FC 92 Club is a popular choice for students thanks to our flexible study options, including our online learning ..

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FC ’’92 CLUB

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18b Sinari Daranijo Street, behind Zenith Bank Head Office.
Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Phone No : : +1 234 80 62166660

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Welcome to FC 92 Club

To foster peaceful and cordial relations among members. To build a dynamic global platform to encourage interaction and friendship among FUTO "92 set. To establish club Chapters in any state or country where five (5) or more members reside. To create opportunities for enlightenment, support, and mentoring of FUTO "92 Set in career Development, Business, and Politics. To be the voice of FC92 members on all issues concerning club that require a common voice. To champion causes that would engender a sense of community, drive all-round development and ensure continuous progress. To promote the development of members and FUTO and to engage in any form of developmental activities at FUTO and / or any other location/s agreed at a general meeting of the Club. To support or promote other organizations, foundations, trust fund or similar bodies for the advancement of our collective interests and / or aims and objectives. To promote the ideals of friendship, brotherhood, good citizenship, good neighborliness and patriotism. To project positive values, high ethical standards in personal and professional conduct and promote civic and corporate responsibility. To support development and empowerment of members and their families. To establish resource centers (for example online platforms) and to organize seminars, Workshops, exhibitions, competitions, skills, acquisition programmes for members and the society at large. To promote the welfare and the well-being of members.

To establish a secretariat that will ensure constant touch with members and monitor progress of activities and projects of the club. To establish a day-to-day online interactive discussion sessions using platforms such as WHATSAPP (named MULTI PURPOSE HALL (MPH)), FACEBOOK MESSENGER (named LECTURE THEATER A (LTA)) to promote friendship amongst members; in keeping with our desire to keep alive our experiences in FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, OWERRE (FUTO). We shall as much as possible create platforms that are named after buildings / locations in FUTO that most members identify with. To establish functional online repository that will capture all major discussions to be archived for future reference and research. These platforms shall include Facebook and Googleplus (Google+) or any other online platform that can accommodate the club’s interests as outlined above.

Why Choose Us?

Unless the ‘career’ is carefully charted, education’s value is lost. At FC 92 Club, we not only guide students to plan their education, but also direct their ideas towards career planning,..

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fc92club is a forum for interacting with class mates to exchange information and develop contacts, to further members careers and business interests, while keeping the interactions genuine and authentic, building trust and relationships and seeing how we can help each other.

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Our counselors will extensively review this information, make a careful selection and suggest you the right course, based on your preference, academic background and future plans.

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» "If friendship & camaraderie in the true sense of it is what you are looking for, then FC92CLUB is the place for you".
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