For Buyers

What is sellatee?

For Buyers

Will I be charged for reserving a shirt?

How long after the campaign ends will my shirt be delivered?

How much does shipping cost?

If the campaign doesn't reach its sales goal, will I still be charged?

What does "Verified Donation" mean? Where is my money going?

What if I am unsure about my shirt size or quality?

For Sellers

How do I launch a campaign?

Does it cost anything to launch a campaign?

Do I have to be in the USA to launch a campaign?

I have a design I want to upload. What file types can I use?

Can you help me adjust my design?

What brands of shirts are available?

How long can a campaign run?

How does sellatee make money?

When can I withdraw my profit?

Is the profit taxed? Who pays those taxes?

What happens if I don't reach my goal?

What happens if I pass my goal?

Can I save a design and come back later?

Who handles customer service?

What is the "Verified Donation" badge I see on some campaigns?

Intellectual Property

Okay – what is intellectual property, exactly?

What are some examples of protected material?

What are the best ways to protect something I created?

How do I know if my work is copyrightable or trademarkable?

What protection does a copyright or trademark provide?

What if I have explicit permission to use copyrighted or trademarked work? What if I want to give someone else permissions to use my copyrighted or trademarked work?

Design & Use

I’m inspired by someone’s design. Can I use it?

I created my design using sellatee’s images and artwork. Does it belong to me?

What if a design is similar to mine, but not an exact duplicate?

Can you help me adjust my design?


I see a t-shirt using my intellectual property without my permission. What should I do?

What does it mean if someone submits a “takedown request” for my design?

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