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Quality of Materials We only use the highest quality of ink, toner powder and spare parts to service your cartridge. This ensure sharper and more consistent print quality as well as ensuring your printer is never damaged. All our materials are imported by us directly to ensure the best quality

Clearing Each cartridge is thoroughly cleaned before being refilled. Ink cartridges are cleaned using a uv seterilizer which helps keep the nozzle clean and working smoothly. Cleaning ensures there is no spillover or mixing of old ink/toner with the new and is an important step.Often skipped by local refilling centers.

Change of Drum & Other Parts (Toner Cartridges) Certain parts of the toner certridge such as the drum need to be changed after certain amount of usage.After checking the cartridge at our orkshop,the customer is informed about which parts(if any) we recommend to change.It is still completely optional for the customer to opt for the replacement.Again, we only use the best quality spares and import the same directly.