562-789-4000 (California) (720) – 441-2290 (Colorado)
  • Employer-Sponsored (labor certifications) and Self-Petition Employment-Based Immigration for Highly Skilled and Experienced Individuals in: Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, the Sciences, Arts, or Business (PERM: EBI & EBII, H1B, and Others)
  • Family-Based Immigration (marriage, including:  same-sex), following to join family members in U.S.
  • Self-Petition: Opening of U.S. Branch of Overseas Company (L1 and E Treaty Trader or Treaty Investor)
  • Investor-Based Immigration for professionals and high net worth individuals (EB V)
  • Political Asylum based on conditions in the country of origin
  • Fiance visa: special situations, including: military and pre-arranged marriages handled
  • Temporary Visas (short or long-term) for tourism or business visitors
  • Deportation Defense: immigration court appearances, waivers for illegal entry applicants, bond hearings, applicants with minor criminal issues
  • Deferred Action (DACA) and other Special Legal Provisions for citizens of various countries
  • Student Visa
  • Information and evaluation of immigration to other countries: Canada, EU and Non-EU countries, Australia, and others.
  • U.S. ex-pat and foreign ex-pat retirement settlement and investment evaluations


$150 U.S.D and up