Welcome to our : - Dhaba Indian Cuisine
Welcome to DHABA INDIAN CUISINE So, what’s a Dhaba? The word dhaba represents our theme and purpose. We strive to provide affordable Indian cuisine with an authentic, taste enriching experience. If youhave ever visited vibrant and colorful India, chances are you have eaten at a dhaba and shared a priceless experience, one that you will never forget.

In India and neighboring Pakistan, dhabas are found dot-ted along local roads and highways offereing great tasting food at an unbeatable price. Many flock to dhabas as a source of easy eating and dhabas cater to virtually everyone including locals, tourists and even truck drivers looking for a quick bite to eat. Dhabas are traditionally adobe structures with cot seating and have ot Chai flowing all day. The food's great, the prices are affordable and the environment is family friendly. Sounds kind of like us doesn't it ?