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You’ve found the best place in town for reliable, friendly, and effective computer repair and IT services. Our expert technicians are trained on the latest techniques to solve your technology problems. Too often computer users get lured into the marketing of big box stores and franchise chains that care only about their bottom line! We strive to create real lasting relationships with our customers so you know you can count on us as your go-to computer shop.
Recently we’ve seen smartphones and the cloud change the way businesses view IT. Investments in technology used to be viewed as a necessary evil, but now more and more businesses are beginning to rightfully see technology as a valuable tool that will help them cut costs, increase efficiency, and boost revenue. We’ve changed a lot as well. Speedy Computers got its start as a basic computer repair shop, fixing our clients’ computers every time they brought them in with a serious problem. But over time we started to realize that the break/fix approach wasn’t doing our clients any good. We were seeing the same people walk through the door over and over again, always with a new virus. Sure, these repeated transactions meant we were taking in a lot of extra revenue. Readmore...