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Welcome to Community Care Pharmacy !

Welcome to one of the most trusted names in Community Care Pharmacy medicine online. Here at Community Care Pharmacy, we put your health first. We are committed to giving you only the best and highest quality medicines, surgical products, FMCG goods, chemist supplies in India. We follow a strict marketplace model so that only authorized sellers of prescription medicines make it to our store. Purchase your medicines and supplies from us simply by presenting your prescription and they will be delivered to you by the appointed company or by the seller itself, anywhere in USA.

Apart from being the best discount shop for medicines, we also provide a wide range of value-added services online so you can do more than buy your generic medicine, nutrition supplements, over-the-counter needs, healthcare devices and other miscellany through our online pharmacy. We have recently introduced a reminder service—the first of its kind in India, where you can be reminded not only to refill your prescriptions, but also take your medicines at a particular time daily. We also have one of the largest medicine databases in the country, providing you with good information about the healthcare products you purchase regularly.

We also provide a reminder service free of cost, and our valued consumers enjoy huge discounts when they buy products with special partner and seller-provided coupons. Our online store and portal also features an extensive drug dictionary where you can look up your prescriptions or find the generic or prescription name of the drug you are purchasing.

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