Thanks for a moment of your time. Folks finding me are looking for help with estate planning, estate administration, help with long term care costs, and related proceedings in the Probate Department of the California Superior Courts. I serve clients in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange Counties.
Convenience: Your initial conference with me is at no cost or obligation to you. I confer with you at your home or office when meeting. I prefer to review your documentary information where it is usually kept, rather than asking you to assemble and produce it piecemeal elsewhere for my consideration.
Personal Attention: I manage each case myself – start to finish – including all conferences, correspondence, legal documentation, and appearances necessary. You can count on my personal attention to meeting your expectations.
Appointments: You may set an appointment for consultation by telephone at 909-592-0305, or send me a request by completing the "CONTACT" page.