Beach Diamond Blades
Continuous Rim
Our smooth continuous rim give the fastest chip free cut possible with both wet and dry applications for ceramics, porcelains, marbles and granites.
Crack Chaser
Our crack chasers are designed for maximum life and high performance. They are great for sidewalk and concrete repairs because of their maneuverability in the cut.
Segmented Blades
Segmented blades are most common because of their versatility and wide scope of applications. They are a good choice if longer life is what’s important to you.
Segmented Turbo
High psi brick, paver brick, and other dense materials are what these blades are designed for. This blade will cut labor costs by giving the best of both worlds; the
Tuck Point
For the fast removal of soft, medium, or hard mortar these tuckpoint blades are the best quality on the market today. They’re available in different segment heights,
Our turbo blades provide the smoothest, fastest cut on hard materials such as brick, block, concrete, tile and stone.