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ONIS MiniPAcs Ultimate offers all of the features found in ONIS MiniPacs, but also includes the fast and robust full DICOM Server plugin and the Remote Server plugin letting you share your images, annotations and reports from any location. If you want a single package that fulfils all of your needs, ONIS MiniPacs Ultimate is the no-compromise edition for you.
ONIS MiniPacs software - fast, powerful DICOM viewer
  • Folder Sources - to read DICOM images directly from a folder on your disk
  • Optical Sources - to read DICOM images directly from an optical drive (CD or DVD)
  • Double Oblique MPR - add the double oblique MPR capability
  • MIP 3D Volume - add the Maximum Intensity Projection volume rendering to the viewer
  • Report and Printing - add the reporting and printing capability
  • Database (MS-Access) - to store the images, annotations and reports in local
  • Remote Client - to acess to shared images, annotations and reports
  • Cardiothoracic Ratio - to measure the cardiothoracic ratio in just a few clicks
  • DICOM Converter - to convert BMP, JPEG and PNG images into DICOM images