Welcome to our American Healthcare Appraisal

American Healthcare Appraisal – is a premier full-service appraisal company, specializing in the health care industry. We provide all types of asset appraisals and business valuations for hospitals, clinics, physician/professional practices, nursing homes, HMOs, and all other types of healthcare businesses. We also have appraisers on our staff who provide valuation services for law firms, investors, financial institutions, and more.

Why Choose AHCA?

  1. 20+ Years of Experience- Our founder, Bruce Krider, MHA, has specialized in healthcare appraisals for over 20 years. He also brings 40+ years of experience in healthcare management to each appraisal.
  2. A Recognized Industry Leader – Bruce is a renowned pioneer in the healthcare appraisal field. His book, Valuation of Physician Practices and Clinics, is a widely reviewed resource. Bruce is a court-recognized expert witness in healthcare appraisal matters. He has also served as an appraiser for Fortune 500 companies, like Bank of America, UPS and GE, in addition to many more.
  3. Fast Turnarounds – Our standard hospital appraisal time is six to eight weeks. We can appraise smaller facilities in less time, and we always maintain close communication with our clients throughout the process.
  4. Thorough Appraisals, Accurate Results – We adhere to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) to protect our clients, ourselves and ensure the acceptance of our reports.
  5. We Understand Your Needs – Our staff has many years of executive experience in the healthcare field. That experience is unique, and it enables us to understand our clients’ specific needs.
  6. Best-Price Guarantee – We are more than competitive when it comes to pricing. Once we have the subject information, we will provide you with a quote within 48 hours. If you subsequently receive a “credible” lower quote by a professional commercial appraisal firm, we will discount our fee by the difference.