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American Retail Alliance Corp. (ARAC) markets and distributes new and innovative consumer goods through the nation’s largest retail pharmacy chain stores, independent drug and health food stores, multi-level organizations and product specific catalogs.

The Company’s products solve or treat a variety of consumers’ unique concerns. These products are usually first to market or superior to existing ones. Product mix include nutraceuticals, OTC and dietary supplements, “green” consumer goods , celebrity endorsed consumer products and organic pest control products.
Paratox Flush

One of the best, natural intestinal parasite removal programs available. It's a complete balanced cleansing program to improve overall intestinal health and wellness. read More

Arth Arrest

"The original Horse liniment" analgesic lotion that works to reduce pain associated with inflammation due to arthritis, bursitis, simple backache and sports injuries.
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Can help decrease the symptoms that commonly accompany elevated blood sugar and its effects for Type I and Type II diabetes.read More

Wholesale Buyers

This information is available only to our wholesale partners. To access this section, please call 1-727-581-1500 for an access code.
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Investor Relations

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Stay tuned as we buildout our investor relations section.read More


ARA offers unique and specialty products that range in categories from Home goods to health products.
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