American Custom uses a unique design that allows you to control your exhaust pipes sound and performance.
Welcome to American Custom Exhaust
American Custom Exhaust Systems is a leading independent designer and manufacturer of driver control systems, seating control systems, safety hardware, structural body systems, exterior trim and integrated glass systems. With a presence on more than 300 models worldwide, American Custom Exhaust products to every original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the America's, Asia and Europe. We are also a supplier partner to the world's leading Tier One automotive suppliers. American Custom Exhaust is majority owned by Patriarch Partners, LLC and is nationally certified in the USA by the Women's Business Enterprise Council.
Our Mission
Our mission not only leads us, it inspires us with a common purpose.
American Custom Exhaust’s mission is to inspire:
drivers, through exceptional vehicle interactions, such as the feel of a shifter or the mirror finish on a 10-year-old trim
customers, through a game-changing design, an immediate remedy to a critical supply problem, or daily confidence in best-in-class quality;
our people, through a unique culture, purpose and pride in American Custom Exhaust
competitors, through leading by example, creating benchmarks to which they aspire;
our stakeholders, through working together to deliver exceptional value creation for all;