Welcome to Alrays Cleaners !
Alray Cleaners is a Full Service Dry Cleaners and Laundry for those who need their clothing fast. Bring us your clothing by 9am and we will have it ready by 5:30pm. Alray Cleaners can handle your regular dry cleaning and laundry needs as well as your hard to handle items that other cleaners and laundries may turn away.

Alray’s Cleaners is a full service dry cleaners and laundry service for those who need same day services. If you bring us your clothing by 9am, we will have it ready for you by 5pm. We can also accommodate last minute rush orders.

Not only can we handle your regular dry cleaning and laundry needs, at Alray’s Cleaners we will take hard to handle items that others turn away like preserving wedding dresses, beadwork and old costumes, leather, mink, antiques, hand embroidered items. 

Family Owned and Operated

Services are available to individuals with functional limitations so they can live in the society more easily.  We provide services to individuals who reside independently, or with family, or in certain circumstances, in a residential placement.  Services can be accessed by family’s self-initiation or by a care-giver.  Services can be provided for up to twenty-four hours a day, depending on the individual’s assessed needs.