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Allied Building Contractors Inc. President Successfully completed public contracting construction projects for Cal Trans, Los Angeles County, municipalities, and public agencies, including construction of bridges, flood structures, and roadways. Completed private contracting construction projects including large unit apartment buildings, commercial building, residences, parking structures, plazas, churches and School Modernization, Safety, Communications Fire Alarm and Technology

ASHCO, Inc., President Managed all general contracting services for public and private projects, such as safety technology construction in public schools, construction of roadways and bridges for LA County, local cities and Caltrans, Marine Stadium Parking and Launching Pads and Public Boat washing Rack and and services for City of Long Beach.

Sam Massih & Associates, President Designed and built numerous structures including reinforced and post tensioned parkings, wood and steel structures, apartment buildings, shopping malls, Churches and industrial buildings. Read More
Sargent & Lundy, Structural Engineering Specialist
Structural and dynamic analysis of containment and Main plant buildings of nuclear power plants. Prepared reports and responses to US NRC questions. Member of Licensing Hearing committee for the nuclear power plants, including Hope Creek, New Jersey and Diablo Canyon, California.
Interfab Industrial Prefabrications, Senior Partner Designed and Built commercial buildings ranging from 10 to 25 stories. And prefabricated residential and Urban buildings and fascilities.

Teaching Experience

Military University of Iran, Construction and destruction Hwy bridges. Iran Tehran.
Sargent & Lundy, Chicago Ill. Shock and whip absorber design & construction.


Fluent in Armenian, Farsi, Turkish & some conversational Spanish

Special Knowledge and Skills

Reinforced and Post Tensioned Concrete Structural design and construction Soldier piles, Soil Nails, Tie Backs & Chance certified design & construction for shoring and underpinning.
Chronology of Sam Massih’s works since 1979-present
1979-1980 University Minnesota , in Minneapolis Minnesota
1980-1984 Sargent & Lundy Consulting for fossil and nuclear power design in Chicago, Illinois
1984-1985 Member of Structural Investigation Committee on behalf of US Nuclear Regulatory Commission for preparing Licensing Hearing Reports for 2- newly completed Nuclear Power Plants:
  1. Hope Creek New Jersey and
  2. Diablo Canyon California.
1985-1987 Byron & Braidwood Nuclear Power Plants field inspection and Correction or repair Dispositioning for their Final Inspections
1987-1994 Sam Massih & Associates,a Structural and Civil Engineering Consulting firm. We designed numerous Residential, Commercial Projects, including Office Buildings, Parking Structures.
11/30/1989 Established Allied Building Contractors Inc. wherein we built almost all Parking Structures Designed by Sam Massih & Assts. Numerous project for Counties, Cities and Caltrans
1997-2000 Established Ashco Inc, with knew partners , wherein we built public projects for Cities, School Districts and Caltrans
2000-2002 Allied Building Contractors Inc. developed 2- Single Family Housed in City of Redondo Beach CA.
2002-pesent Bidding Public Projects and at the same time doing Consulting for private owners .
List of Projects designed by Sam Massih & Assts.
Single Family Houses and Commercial Residential Buildings in Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, Los Angeles & Santa Monica , some dozens of them in each city, as an example:
  1. 32 unit Apt. Building 619 E. Palm St. Burbank
  2. 17 unit Apt. Building 547 E. wilson Glendale
  3. 16 Unit Apt. Building 817 Lucern Ave. Los Angeles
  4. 25000SF. Textile Industrial Compound on 1321 S. San Fernando Ave. Glendale
  5. Shopping Mall at corner of Glendale Ave and Maple , Double deck parking and 2 story retail shops above.
  6. Industrial Compound at 4732 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Lawndale CA
List of Projects constructed by Allied Building Contractors Inc.
  1. Tie Down of HWY –2 to Mountain Bed Rock, Mount Wilson CA MM43.8 for Caltrans California ($475’000)
  2. Marine Stadium Parking and Boat Launching Pad, Prefab Services and Wash Rack for boats ($575’000)
  3. Pedestrian Bridge at Delamo Blvd. And lake wood park for La County Lifting and wet pile underpinning amd new Foundation($325’000)
  4. City of Buena Park , Citywide curb and gutter project ($215’000)
  5. LA County PWD City of La Crescenta Citywide curb and gutter project($85’000)
  6. Simi Valley Rancho Simi Park and Recreation, Santa Susana Park ADA Renowation ($55000)
  7. LA Unified School District , Crescent Height E.S. ADA (55’000)
  8. 7th Day Adventist Church 1925 –19th St. Parking Structure and the Fellowship Hall and the Office Building and the Renovation of the Existing Church Building. ($575’000)
  9. Sherman Oaks CA 43 unit Apt. Bulding on 4444 Woodman Ave. ($550’000)
  10. 619 E. Palm Ave. Burbank CA 33 Unit Apt. Building ($650’000)
  11. 545 E. San Jose Burbank CA 19 Unit Apt. Building ($410’000)
  12. 1324 E. Wilson Ave. 10 Unit Apt. Building ($210’000)
  13. Lawndale Industrial Compound 4732 Manhattan Lawndale CA ($275’000)
  14. W. LA 17 Unit Appt. Building on 2001 and 2015 S. Beverly Glen ($450’000)
  15. 400 West Palm Ave. 6 Unit Apt. Bldg. Glendale CA ($195’000)
  16. 9525 Cold Water Canyon N. Hollywood CA ,70’000sf. Grading and PCC slab (285’000)
  17. Numerous (over 50 ) Shoring Design and Construction for Caltrans, Los Angeles County, LAUSD, Cities and industries.
  18. Luxe Hotel 10 story RC building underpinning and Structural Repair including Design and construction ($125,000.00)
  19. Foothil Blvd. & Memorial Park Improvement and Traffic Signals & Lights. City of Lacanada / Flintridge CA
  20. Design & Construction of Citywide Pathways RC Stairs and Railings In City of Palos Verdes Estate CA
  21. 10x30 Box Culvert at 2472 Calabasas Hiway for LA County Public Works and Hiway pavement, a new bridge , the original was swept Away due to sever flooding in 1994.
  22. Since 2005 we have primarily engaged in design and built of beam / col Decks & Pool Failure retrofit design and construction of numerous apartment buildings Ranging frome $ 15,000. to $250,000.
    • 22.1 1020 S. Figueroa Los Angeles , CA, Luxe Hotel $125,000
    • 22.2 4633 Marine Ave. Lawndale CA Picadilly Manor 150 unit Apartment building $95,000.
    • 22.3 1252 Edit Alhamra CA , $15,000
    • 22.4 Lift and underpin pedestrian R/C overcrossing bridge, $325,000 Delamo Bulevard & Lakewood Park