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Welcome to All State Patrol & Investigation INC !

In this day and age, the old slogan, "You Get What You Pay For" means more now than ever before. Sure, you can hire a security company that will overwhelm you with all kinds of modern equipment, tell you how cutting edge their services are and then tell you they can provide these services for literally pennies on the dollar. However, the truth of the matter is that you will find that these companies will raise your rates every 6 months to a year or go out of business entirely within 2-3 years because they cannot afford to meet their basic overhead costs. All Security Companies have to pay the same amount for liability insurance, workers compensation and other expenses, and this is BEFORE you take into account officer pay, vehicle and uniform upkeep, equipment repair and replacement and incentives and benefits packages, which most security companies do not offer its officers.

When we quote you a rate for patrol or a standing officer that is the price it will cost us to perform the job you have asked us to do for you, and the majority of that money is earmarked for the officer in the form of pay raises and benefits. We firmly believe that a well-paid officer is a productive officer. When we do renegotiate a contract with a client, it is usually due to cost of living adjustments outside the scope of our control.

We feel that once you see the professionalism in our Officers, our high standards for training, our demand for excellence from every one of our Officers, and how our Officers interact with the general public at your facility, you'll be satisfied

We also feel that using a Contract Provider as opposed to "In-House" Security adds a level of safety because all Contract Security Officers are mandated by California State Law to undergo mandatory training, local, state and federal background investigations and licensing, whereas "In-House" Security Guards are NOT, unless they are going to carry a baton or firearm while on duty.

Another reason to hire us for your security needs is that instead of you having to pay your security employees their wages in addition to uniforms, background investigations, payroll deductions, and other fees, you pay one rate and we take care of the rest!

Keep in mind that not all Security Providers are created equally, and more often than not, it's the "Fly-By-Night" operations or "Big Impersonal Corporations" that leave people with a bad feeling about their experience.

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