This is an absolutely fantastic colour & if worn in the right way. Various gangster movies have associated this colour suit with the ‘pimp’ look, so you definitely want to get it right when wearing white.
This colour is not as great for the very lightest complexions, and goes very well with light, patterned shirts.
Assistance Complementary design of the model of the clothes based on the fashion magazines and your individual taste and desire. Counting the necessary amount fabric for this particular model. Choosing fabrics at the store. I can provide the required materials (thread, zipper, lining, interfacing , except fabric) for a moderate price.
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When it comes to bespoke menswear, only master craftsmanship will do; it's all about the perfect fit. Instead of buying something made for someone else, Alian bespoke helps you customize a suit tailored to your size, style, quirks and requirements. It defines you as an individual and gives your suit that little bit more of an edge to make you stand out from the crowd. We work meticulously to ensure that all of your designs and orders are created to th highest standards and our garment works to complement your body to ensure it looks great, no matter your size. Not only will we create the perfect look for you, our clothing is designed to maximise comfort with our high quality cloths and fabrics, which will help you to boost your appearance and your confidence.

Custom made suits: Choosing a shade that’s right for you
If you like to dress to impress, then it is important to get it right when you are buying or designing custom made suits.
The fact is that choosing the right suit for the right occasion could mean the difference between making a positive or negative impact.
Most guys just go for the usual black or grey suit and this will undoubtedly work well in some circumstances, but there are times when you can afford to be a little bit more creative.
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