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We are happy to share that 20 Hearing Impaired children accompanied by the special educators of USA met the Governor his excellency on the occasion of Children Day.
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Aap Ke Liye Business Index was created by Aap Ke Liye to guage the economic state of business worldwide based on global survey results of retailers, service companies, and manufacturing companies all around the world.
Over 1,000 business people from every populated continent in the world responded to the Aap Ke Liye Business Index for year-end, 2013. According to the survey results, almost 76% of the respondents felt that business was better today than in 2012. That's up over 9% from the 2011 survey. In addition, only 6.1% felt that it was declining in the 2013 survey which is down from the 9.6% that said that business was declining in 2011.

The most promising news was the hiring trend numbers. The 2013 survey found that 55.3% of the respondents said that they would be or possibly would be, hiring in the 2013 survey compared to an anemic 42.9% in 2011.