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AAM Wholesale Carpet Rugs & Carpet is a carpeting and rug store in Wilmington, NC which specializes in adding beauty and practicality to your home. We carry a wide collection of brand name rug and carpet lines for you to choose from as well as create custom carpets and rugs based on your criteria. We listen carefully to what you need and match you with the best carpet or rug for your home. Sacrificing quality is never an option for AAM Wholesale Carpet Rugs & Carpets.

The experience and customer service of AAM Wholesale Carpet Rugs & Carpets distinguishes itself from other rug and carpet stores in Wilmington, NC. We truly listen to your wishes, address your concerns, and provide you a tasteful and affordable array of choices for you to decide which fits your home and tastes. If you're seeking a genuinely friendly place to buy rugs and carpets, look no further. We’re completely family-owned and operated, and we'd love to talk about carpets and rugs with you.
From start to finish, Lisa will help you select the right product for your project, and Mark and his team will precisely measure and professionally install your new flooring. All this is for the goal they sum up in. Readmore....


Our exclusive hot-water extraction yields optimal results without the abrasive brushing of other carpet cleaning methods .Readmore.

Tile Grout Cleaning

At AAM Wholesale Carpet, our experts can clean, restore, and protect your tile floors, making them look like new.Readmore.

Furniture Cleaning

Fight dirt, dust, and other
pollutants with Stanley
Steemer's highly effective
furniture cleaning process.

Hardwood Services

We extract embedded dirt,then follow up with a professional wood cleaner that restores. Readmore.

Air Duct Cleaning

AAM Wholesale Carpet air duct cleaning technicians clean your entire ventilation system. Readmore.

Water Restoration

Water problems? Stanley
Steemer is there when you need us - any time of day or night.Readmore.