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Welcome to Thomas World Wide 1


Our Mission Statement: To satisfy the business desires and personal dreams of our clients. We do this by equipping them to compete in a global market through extensive, and complete training in the Import/Export Industry.
What began in 1990 as a fledgling company specializing in selling COFFEE to small town grocery stores and, corporations around the United States with an emphasis on international trade, has evolved into one of the fastest growing Import/Export business centers in the world. To meet the growing demand for Import/Export Agents, in early 1995 ThomasWorld Wide1 shifted its focus exclusively to the training of Import/Export Agents. The experts predict that by the end of this decade the import/export industry will have an estimated audience of more than 3.5 billion buyers and suppliers worldwide. Because of our success, we have combined all of our skills, resources and expertise to develop an easy to run and maintain import/export home based business
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