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when you need it, you are looking for just the right marriage counselor, therapist, or coach for your unique situation. Finding a qualified counselor, can make the crucial difference in your relationship, individual or business success. Finding just the right marriage or individual counselor can also be a formidable and overwhelming task. This site is specifically designed to simplify that task for you. Search our site based on what you need a therapist to specialize in, then compare up to 3 therapists side by side. Finally, review that counselor's profile in detail, and contact your therapist, by phone or via email. Marriage counselors, therapists and coaches are as different as the people who seek the therapy they provide.

To assist you with your search we have developed a leading-edge search capability which allows you to find just the right marriage counselor or individual therapist! There is hope.

Our goal at the Marriage Counseling and Therapy Network is to provide you with a wide variety marriage counselors, therapists and coaches for you to choose from. You can search our directory for FREE and find just the right counselor, to work with.

w nice would it be to effortlessly fill your practice with motivated clients? Focused clients who know what they want ... you and your speciality. Marketing a private practice can be a significant challenge. As a therapist, I understand how hard it is to make timely connections with people in need.

Our network of marriage and individual therapists work with individuals, couples, families, adults, teens, and children. The Marriage Counseling & Therapy Network is a distinguished internet based solution. With our state of the art search engine, potential clients will find your practice, based on their needs and & your specialties, filling your practice with focused, motivated clients. Allowing you to do what you do best... therapy.