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Dry Cleaning
Our expert team takes the extra time with utmost care to make sure your garments look their absolute best. Convenient same day service .
Rugs & Blankets
Our professional staff will launder and press your shirts to perfection. Your white shirts will be sparkling white. Colors will be vibrant and bright..
Whether you need a new button or zipper, or to fix an unsightly snag or tear, our on site tailoring and alteration services will have your garments fitting.
Wedding Gown
I Remember your special day by entrusting your gown to our experienced team. We provide cleaning, restoration, and special packaging to preserve..
Our Services
Welcome to Sunlight Dry Cleaners.......!
We are a one stop shop Dry Cleaner for all your cleaning needs in Vienna. We implement the traditional cleaning services such as dry cleaning, shirts, rugs, comforters laundry and alterations. Drop by to try out our amazing Dry Cleaning Services at only $1.98 per piece. We shall give your clothes the royal treatment! You will receive your them ready to put in the closet, your clothes will be packed up neatly for the ride home so your clothes will look perfect when put them away. If you are looking for great customer service and excellent rates, we are waiting for you. Our Customer Service primary responsibility is to provide exceptional customer service to our customers. They work directly with our customers and identify garments to be laundered or dry cleaned, tag them in, while inputting that information into the computerized register. They consistently ensure cash drawer accuracy.
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