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Training Courses & Services Offered


1. Introduction to Big Data and Analytics
2. Introduction to Hadoop
3. Hadoop ecosystem - Concepts
4. Hadoop Map-reduce concepts and features
5. Developing the map-reduce Applications
6. Pig concepts
7. Hive concepts
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1. Types of Drivers
2. Types of Statements – Statement
3. Prepared Statement
4. Callable Statement
5. Result Set, Result Set Metadata
6. Working with Scrollable Result Set
7. The Java Foundation Classes
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Embedded System

1. Data bus , Address bus, Control bus
2. Differences Between Microprocessors
3. Difference between Architecture
4. Difference between RISC and CISC
5. Overview of 8051 family
6. Reset circuit designing
7. Crystal circuit designing
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Business Analysis

1.What is Business Analysis
2. Role of a Business Analyst
3. Defining and scoping the project
4. Analyzing and documenting requirements
5. Communicating requirements
6. Identifying a solution
7. Verifying that the solution meets the requirements
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