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Welcome to SERENDIB LAW FIRM...!

Trust and respect is the foundation of any form of relationship, including that of an attorney and his/her client.  The most important and crucial factor in establishing an attorney-client relationship, is the formation of trust and respect between the client and attorney because without such, an attorney-client relationship cannot function. 

At Serendib Law Firm, it is our goal to build the foundation of continuing trust and respect between our attorneys and clients. We believe that trust and respect is earned by the deeds we do and the representation of our clients with zealousness and integrity.  It is this goal that makes Serendib Law Firm distinct from other law firms.

No matter how small or big of a matter it may be, our attorneys will assure you representation with zealousness and integrity.  We nature the belief, that a client who trusts and respects our work deeds, is a client for life. 

At the very center of the work we do to build the trust and respect within our clients, is a set of values that the attorneys and staff of Serendib Law Firm wholeheartedly believe in:

  1. Representation of our clients ethically;
  2. Building long term relationships with clients;
  3. Committing to our clients and zealously acting on their behalf;
  4. Helping the community that we live in;
  5. Treating our opponents with integrity and respect;
  6. Promoting and embracing diversity within our firm and communities;
  7. Demanding professional excellence from our colleagues and staff members.