Welcome to La Voix Evangelique D'Orlando (VEO)

La Voix Evangelique D' Orlando (VEO) is a Christ-centered, non-profit, listener-supported radio ministry. By being Christ-centered, we take our lead from God's son Jesus, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures. As a listener-supported Christian station, we're able to concentrate on creating the kind of radio that encourages listeners not only to "sing along, but live along with us," and impact lives for Christ.

On behalf of the peope of Philadelphia Baptist Church, Orlando, Florida, welcome to our site. Founded in 1988, Philadelphia Haitian Baptist Church of Orlando is a Southern Baptist Church with its congregation coming from many faith traditions. We are a diverse, growing, generous and open family of faith - everyone is welcome at Philadelphia Baptist! At First, it's all about grace! Since Baptist churches are as different as Baptist people, the best way to get to know us is to come and see us for yourself. Especially we welcome you to our Sunday morning and evening service where you will find the worship beautiful, healing and empowering. Please visit with us - you'll feel at home!

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